Tuesday, November 24, 2015

[ Winter Itch - Dry Skin.]

Winter is here so we have to take care of 'Winter Itch' especially for people with diabetes and dry skin.Not knowing anything about 'Winter Itch' I have had itching and the itch came only after midnight when I was just about to go into deep sleep.
At first I thought it must be some mosquito bite and rubbed my feet with another feet and it gave a good feeling.However it again started and this time it needed more rubbing to stop the itch but it never made me sleep till I applied a skin cream.
Next day I went to my doctor and told him that I had applied skin cream and showed him the cream tube wheather if it was OK to go ahead and do the same procedure if it happened in the night again.
Here are some tips the doctor told me which helped avoiding applying skin cream and stoping the 'Winter Itch'.
Do not try to wipe the water after bath but just mop it keeping the skin with moisture.
Keep a bottle of good moisture and immediately apply to the whole body before wrapping the towel to the waist.
Never take bath with very hot water and use a soft soap.
Before taking bath apply coconut oil on your dry scalp,message your head slowly with your fingers.
Cut and file your nails on your toes and fingers nicely.
You can take after consulting your doctor Vitamin B7 so as to avoid brittle nails.
Do not blow dry your hair during winter.
Use Beeswax on your lips if avoid chapped lips.
Wear only cotton socks and underwears
Drink water as much as possible up to 4:00PM

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