Tuesday, October 6, 2015

[ The Finger - first Alarm ]

A spike in crimes against crime against the elderly is what got this team of five students to think about the elderly - soon they built the Health Monitoring System,in which an alarm can be triggered through a device attached to the finger.The Health Monitoring System,explains Kiran Thomas Varghese checks if vital body stats are abnormal changes in pulse rate acquired from the sensors to the wireless alarm and display unit thereby enabling the caretaker to reach the patient faster.The display unit immediately alerts the caretaker of the change in condition ,preventing serious injury."This is achieved by detecting the heart rate and temperature of the patient"says Kiran

Explaining further,The Mechatronics students add,"We were looking into doing some projects which could help people,so we approached our professor Dr.Dinakaran who told about a problem that he faced at home.He told us that he had to wake up in the middle of the night to check on his parents,in order to sleep in peace"

According to statistics as many as 70% of the aged depend on others for their day to day maintenance.The current pulse monitor which are available in the market do not address the specific need with the alarm mechanism.A major thing that they claim,is the really low price,making this accessible to all."We have spent about Rs.15,000/- on the project.The cost were a bit high as we had to import many of the components.But the market price of each unit will be about Rs.2000/-.Once we start production we should be able to bring down the cost to less than Rs.15,00/-,"Srinivasan Ranjit,another team member adds.

Explaining its working Santhosh Kumar E says.The heart beat is recorded using a pulse Oximetry Sensor,which processes the heart rate.If it is too low or too high the processor transmits the fact to the receiving unit will generate the alarm."What's next?Hrishikesh Krishnan says,"We have planed on a limited test launch of 50 pieces to various hospitals and map its performance in the real world.We have plans to upgrade the device in future to be used along with android application."

Right now they're really waiting for the roll out,reveals Kishoth Geethan,which is a day that can't come soon enough for them!

This wearable band could save the aged,findsRajeswari Swaminathan

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