Thursday, September 24, 2015

I got Diabetes.

I had a Doctor to treat the workers in my textile mill and he was checking my blood for FBS every month as I was not Diabetic but my mother was and I had all the required life style required to get diabetes I kept this practice faithfully.My doctor went on reporting that my blood glucose showed no sign of diabetes. I never thought that at the age of 54 I would become diabetic and was happy I had screwed diabetes.

I was infected by UTI when I went to a dirty toilet to pee as there was no other toilet in that place.I did not know that toilets were UTI friendly.I had to get my urine tested for finding the sensitive antibiotic for the bacteria I was infected and my friend's doctor arranged to test and that doctor suspected me to be a diabetic.The next thing was the glucose test where you go to the clinic in empty stomach at 7:00AM and give your first sample of urine and drink water after putting in your mouth 50 gms of glucose and go on giving samples for next 4 hours every hour.The final 4th test must show the desired result of less than 80gms/dl.It did not show and how much it was and my friend did not tell.I had come home as I was hungry and had my lunch of Rice a main dish with other items and slept.

The phone rang and my son as usual always used to grab it first since his girl friend used to call him anytime she liked.It was my friend, my son's girl friend father who had called and told my son that I had joined the diabetic club.My son shouted 'Mom daddy is diabetic'.I heard his shout.That was a shock of my life.I immediately thought of my mother who was diagnosed as having diabetic and was forced to eat only wheat rice.That was only the major prescription I remember and the thought of eating wheat rice or broken wheat made me sick and depressed.Further she lived only up to 65 years and this thought made me more depressed and fear gripped my mind solid.My son was still in college and was just getting in to pre graduation.I was 54 and I added 20 years guessing the number of years it would take to make both my son and daughter as graduates in some professional course and get both of them married.The total number 74 gave me shivers.How am I going to live that long was my big worry.

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